Athletic Republic is a science-based sports performance training company delivering quantifiable results. We believe there is a better way to train athletes no matter their age or sport. We take athletes beyond their personal limits through our sport science based systematic protocols and on our proprietary training equipment that focuses on development of speed and power through high-speed treadmill training. In addition we fine-tune athlete’s dynamic stability with our specialized Plyomteric training that increases an athlete’s multi-directional base. This provides athletes with a foundation to last them a lifetime!

Do today what most athletes won’t.

So tomorrow you can do what most athletes can’t.


Athletic Republic Training Centers have more than 1,000 performance trainers helping athletes develop a competitive advantage.


When an athlete walks through our doors, they're walking into something dramatically different. It has propelled our athletes from the bench to the field, freshman to varsity, high school to college and from college to the pros. We've been on the cutting edge of Performance Sports Training for over 25 years and we've got all the bases covered. 


We are dedicated to partnering with the best companies, products and brands to help athletes accomplish their goals and aspirations. Our mission is to deliver the most advanced training to every athlete who walks through our doors. That is why we partner with the best.