We offer age-appropriate, sport-specific training for competitive athletes to help them gain not only strength, stability, and speed, but the confidence to succeed in competition.

Acceleration Training

Our flagship program for youth, teen, college, and even pro athletes who are dedicated to performing at their best. We use a small-group, trainer-led format to develop speed, power, agility, and stamina. Key elements include: Super Running Treadmills for developing speed and running efficiency; plyometrics for improving movement skills, foot speed, agility, and stability; strength work for explosive speed, injury prevention, and power; and sport-specific skills designed to help athletes move better and more efficiently during competition.

Youth Acceleration

For the younger athletes who is not quite ready for the full Acceleration program. We emphasize teaching the elements of athleticism, helping to develop fundamental movement skills, strength, and proprioception (body awareness) while emphasizing joint health and safety. The result is confident young athletes who are set up for success as they grow. 

Team Training

We invite groups from the same team or club to come in together and prepare for the upcoming season. There are many advantages to teammates training together, including: success derived from having a greater number of athletes on the team in peak condition; our ability to more efficiently deliver sport-specific protocols, at an attractive group discount; and the enjoyment of working out together as a team. We are happy to work with coaches to develop a program that addresses each athlete's specific needs and complements the requirements of athletes' pre-season, in-season, and/or off-season training.

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Sport-Specific Training

Many aspects of the Athletic Republic Acceleration Training programs are universal to all sports, designed to develop overall athleticism and resilience, but we also recognize that each sport and discipline has specific demands. We address those needs not only with our individualized "One Size Fits One" approach to training, but with extensive sport-specific protocols developed over nearly three decades of training athletes.

At the Park City center we have trained members of local football, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, volleyball, hockey, basketball, baseball, water polo, cross country, track, and mountain biking teams; we've also worked with rowers, skiers (alpine, freestyle, and Nordic), snowboardcross athletes, and Paralympic athletes.