Athletic Republic’s proprietary equipment and performance software are at the heart of our programming. They enable us safely and effectively deliver measurable results that translate to success on the field of play.

Super Running Treadmill

If you want to gain speed and explosiveness, you have to teach your body how to move faster. The Super Running Treadmill accelerates faster and inclines more than standard treadmills to safely push athletes beyond their ground-based training limits by forcing them to work harder and run more efficiently to reach peak speeds. We use our treadmills to help athletes develop form similar to that of an Olympic sprinter: high knee drive, quick recovery, a stable midsection, and toes-up ground contact that minimizes braking and maximizes propulsion.

Plyo Press Machine

The AR Plyo Press machine's unique design makes it a safer and more effective way than squats and hip sleds to train lower body explosive strength and power. The footplate angle puts you in the proper athletic position to produce force through the balls of your feet, not the heels. The sled supports your lower back and reinforces proper mechanics when lifting heavy weights and doing explosive jumps. Using an exclusive weight loading pattern, the PPM provides variable resistance that optimizes the weight load.

Plyo Floor

The AR Plyo Floor is a cushioned wood surface with exclusive patterns designed to maximize quickness and explosiveness while improving dynamic stability. Exercises on the floor are easily scaled from simple beginner movements to complex ones coupled with resistance cords and soft foam hurdles for greater challenge. For any athlete, the Plyo Floor can dramatically improve balance, movement skills, and overall athleticism. 

Pro Multi-Hip

The AR Pro Multi-Hip improves key abdominal and hip muscle strength essential for optimal athletic performance. It works the hip through the full range of motion and in all directions to develop not only the large muscle groups but the myriad small stabilizer muscles that are critical. Resistance settings can be adjusted from less than 15 pounds for lateral movement patterns to 375 pounds for dynamic power movements. 

Dartfish Video Feedback

Athletic Republic trainers use Dartfish to assist in athlete assessments and again during training to help fine-tune technique. Video feedback provides athletes instant insights on technical form and efficiency. Video review includes varying speeds or even frame-by-frame slow motion that reveals more than the human eye can see. This gives both the athlete and the trainer a chance to make subtle yet important adjustments to form and mechanics.

Plyo Press Power Quotient (3PQ)

The 3PQ provides a quick and accurate way to functionally test lower body power output by measuring the force and athlete exerts on a custom-built 3D force platform mounted to the Plyo Press. Trainers can measure force and power output during single or dual leg presses, jumps, or even isometrically at a wide range of angles. Our proprietary 3PQ testing software analyzes the test results to compare the athlete's overall power and symmetry, as well as tracking progress throughout training.

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