Our athletes know that it takes hard work to reach your goals. The intense treadmill seasions and the plyo drills that make your legs scream are all worth it when you can finally say, "I did it!" This month we would like to celebrate two athletes who are doing it. Congratulations Mackenzie and Sami. We know we will be cheering you both on in 2018!

Sami Carone - AR Athlete

My name is Samantha Carone, or Sami for short. I am 15 years of age. I grew up and currently live in Park City, Utah. I am a luge athlete on the U.S. Junior National “C” Team. Our primary sponsors are Avalanche, Norton, and DOW Chemical. My primary goal is to get to the Olympics (hopefully 2018) My hobbies include softball, reading, writing, and exploring different ways to exercise. I have only been training at Athletic Republic a few months now, and every moment has been incredible. It is a fun, easy atmosphere, and the trainers push you to succeed. I went in to Athletic Republic searching for a place to help me train to pass Physical Requirements for my sport, not only did the trainers help me get that goal, they helped me exceed it, and made me a better slider.

Mackenzie Rice - AR Athlete

My name is Mackenzie Rice I lived most of my life in California, and am currently living in Park City, Utah. I have been participating in the sport of luge for 6 years. Our main sponsors are Norton, Avalanche, and Dow Chemical. My overall goal is to make it to the 2018 Olympics. My hobbies include rowing, soccer, and telling jokes. I have been training at Athletic Republic for only a few months, but it has been one of the best, fun, and entertaining places I have ever been to workout. The trainers at Athletic Republic are some of the most supportive people I have ever met. Every time I go to workout there they are always pushing me to do my absolute best, and not only to meet my physical goals but to exceed them as well.

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