When you think March Madness you think baggie shorts, gym floors, Air Nikes and Dick Vitale. How about 2XU Compression, bike wheels, Shimano and our very own Adam Daniels instead?

March is the perfect time to ramp up your training in preparation for the summer race season. And, this March athletic republic is bringing the Madness to the bike.

Starting Sunday, March 1st Athletic Republic Referees will be tracking attendance for all of our endurance athletes. Let us support your goals and celebrate March in a whole new way. The three athletes with the most points at the end of the tournament win great prizes from our sponsors.

Rules of the game
1. To enter the tournament all you have to do is show up. Each Athletic Republic athlete’s attendance will automatically be tracked.
2. Attendance must be tracked by the referee’s (also know as Athletic Republic Trainers)
3. To win the tournament you must score the most points between March 1 and March 3 and a minimum of 20 points.
4. To win any prize you must score a minmum of 16 points.
5. Players can score in one of three ways.
  • 1 point for a Free Throw for attending a Cycling class.
  • 2 points for a jump shot for attending an Endurance 3S Class
  • 3 points for being the go-to player and bringing a new friend to a class with you
6. Competiveness and smack talk are encouraged, but please leave the mascots at home.

3rd Place – Trigger Point Package
2nd Place - $100 2XU Gift Card
1st Place - An Athletic Republic Bike Kit

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