Like many of us in Park City, Backcountry.com employee Sheila Delaney is passionate about outdoor adventure. Learn why she’s chosen AR-FIT as the fitness program that gets her ready to tackle the mountains with confidence and perform at her best. 

AR: How long have you been doing AR-FIT and how many days a week do you typically attend? 

Sheila: I’ve been participating in AR-FIT for 10 months and usually attend 2-4 days/week.

AR: What types of sports/activities do you participate in the most? 

Sheila: Mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding (resort and backcountry).

AR: How would you explain AR-FIT to someone who has never attended? 

Sheila: I tell everyone that it’s seriously great! The workouts are planned for you when you show up, they’re challenging, not repetitive and fun. The classes are small and I really like the individualized group training approach!

AR: How is AR-FIT/Athletic Republic different than other gyms you have attended? 

Sheila: Other gyms I have attended have felt intimidating, sometimes dirty and crowded. My results were slow in comparison to what I’ve gotten from working out at Athletic Republic because I was limited to my own knowledge of strength training. With AR-FIT, I benefit from the knowledge of their trainers to get results much quicker.

AR: What is your favorite thing about AR-FIT? 

Sheila: All of it! The trainers are great; the workouts are engaging and it makes me feel awesome!

AR: What kind of results have you seen since attending AR-FIT? 

Sheila: I just turned 28, and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m not a competitive athlete, but my hobbies are my passions and thanks to AR-FIT I am stronger than ever. I feel more in shape to hit those longer trail rides on my mountain bike and have the strength to get out into the backcountry on my snowboard. 

AR: Who would you recommend AR-FIT to? 

Sheila: I would recommend AR-FIT to adults who want to feel healthier, increase their balance/stability and be stronger in the sports and activities they partake in.