Every March, College Basketball manages to offer us a month’s worth of excitement through a host of buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories, and impressive team achievements. For most college coaches, and just like their peers coaching high school and AAU teams their next season begins when they exit this year’s tournament. Given how fast young players develop, very few coaches can predict the size, talent or skill of the athletes who join them on the court that first day of practice. So, they focus on what they can control and encourage their players to dedicate the Spring, Summer, and Fall to preparing to play next season.

Making it to the Final Four does not begin when the brackets are revealed. It begins in the off-season when a player’s preparation and perseverance prepare them to compete. As the competition continues to elevate their game, playing your way into shape is no longer an option. No matter what the position, a player must develop the movement skills to be faster on the court and fit enough to play at full speed every minute of the game.

Athletic Republic has built its success on helping each athlete achieve their goals through an individualized approach to training. Our off-court conditioning works on developing a faster first step to improve shot selection and passing options, a quicker change in direction to create separation, the explosive power needed to elevate to contest a shot or earn a rebound, the stamina to play as well in the closing minutes as they did just after tip-off, and the strength and stability to endure the season without a significant sprain or strain.

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