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Congratulations to the South Summit High School Track and Field Team! Saturday, May 16th was Utah State’s High School Track and Field Championships at BYU. ; Ryan Rockhill and Erik Walker, Performance Coaches at Athletic Republic-Park City, both attended the event to support our Athletic Republic athletes. Isaac Tillet, Ty Jones, Brady Bess, and Bracken Santos all had outstanding performances despite the harsh, rainy conditions. ;

Results: ;

Isaac Tillet ;
· ;1st place 100m, 200m, 400m ; (*State Record- in the 400m) ;
· ; 2nd place (4 x 100 Relay) ;
Braken Santos ;
· ; 6th place 400m ;
· ; 4th place (4 x 100m relay) ;
· ; 4th place (Medley relay) ;
Ty Jones ;
· ; 2nd place (4 x 100m relay)
Brady Bess ;
· ; 2nd place (4 x 100m relay)
· ;4th place ( 4 x 400 relay) ;

Photo: 1st place- Isaac Tillet 

Below are links to the athlete’s High School Track and Field records and recent articles from the event on Saturday May 16th. ;