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The New Year is upon us and we hope that your 2016 began with a renewed vigor to find the perfect training program that fits your needs. ; Our staff at Athletic Republic – Park City has never been more excited about our existing program offering and the ability to help so many different types of athletes reach their goals. At AR, we don’t buy into the “New Year-New Me” philosophy because we strive to provide every one of our athletes with an environment and training approach that will provide an unwavering consistency aligned with their athletic aspirations, every day of the year. We wanted to take the time to run through all of our different performance training programs to help you and other members of your family to move better, get faster, become stronger and live a healthier lifestyle:

At Athletic Republic, we teach speed. We improve stride length and frequency, knee drive, hip positioning and arm swing to improve running mechanics. Acceleration Training is the perfect training program for our youth and high school athletes, aiming to make them more fluid and efficient, faster, and far more powerful and better conditioned than their opponents. Athletic Republic Acceleration Training programs are designed to be completed in 4, 6, or 8-week training blocks and are the perfect option for pre-season and off-season training. The Acceleration Sports Training Protocols are constructed to cater to the individual needs of each athlete's sport ; position. ;

No one welcomes this winter’s snowfall more than us. But the snowfall and cold temperatures force cyclists off the roads and trails and inside. Join us for our Indoor Cycling program this winter and come get a better workout than you would outside. Using the latest equipment made by Wahoo Fitness, the KICKR provides the reigning standard for indoor power-based training. ;There are a number of classes throughout the day, 7 days a week so bring in your bike and get a great ride here at AR.

Expand your weekly work-outs with individualized, small-group speed, agility, strength, and balance training. ;Each Endurance Training package includes a performance or threshold assessment to construct a program that will focus on your opportunities for improvement while building on your strengths.

AR-FIT is our newest training program for the active adult athlete, committed to staying healthy and being better prepared to participate in their sport of choice. Structured as an hour-long work-out, AR-FIT combines a wide range of movement velocities with a variety of loads to safely expose muscles to a training program that will raise an athlete's fitness threshold. We couldn’t be happier with the success we have had thus far with AR-FIT and are looking forward to seeing the program evolve with our growing number of dedicated AR-FIT clients. ;

We have enjoyed great success training our local teams, offering conditioning and speed training on the field, as well as teaching proper technique, and build muscle, strength, and power in the our own facility. Teams like the Park City High School Boys Baseball and Lacrosse Teams, as well as the Park City Rowing Academy, have trusted our performance sports training staff to elevate their team speed, strength, and endurance to the next level. ;We schedule on going meetings with each head coach to set training plans, update goals, provide feedback, and create the next training cycles. ;We work hard to create a family atmosphere by earning the trust, and respect of each athlete, parent and coach we come in contact with. ;If you think this may be a good fit for your team, contact us at the training center and we will set up an introductory meeting to outline how we can take your team from good to great. ;

Our staff is dedicated to making your training experience one of a kind. Regardless of your current fitness level, age, or aspirations for 2016, let Athletic Republic be your home for the best fitness environment you can find in Park City. ; | 435.729.7230
1389 Center Drive, Suite 100 (Across the Street from the Fieldhouse)