The first question we always like to ask a new client is, “why do you train?” Are you looking to get in shape for an upcoming race or event? Is it because you read somewhere that at least 30 minutes of exercise per day helps reduce the risk of disease? Do you work out because it allows you to engage in the daily activities you love to do? All of these are great reasons to make exercise part of your weekly routine. However, we think it’s incredibly important for each person to pause during a workout, take a moment, and realize that you’re taking the time and putting in the effort to make yourself better. No matter what the motivation is, making fitness a lifestyle is not easy and we like to celebrate this mindset at Athletic Republic.

So why should you participate in the AR-FIT Challenge? With any fitness program, we know it can be easy to get caught up in the same routine and go through the motions that are required for exercise each day. But what’s fun about that? We know you have goals to accomplish, so let’s lay them out, document the improvements, and celebrate the achievement!

Athletic Republic trainers are here to help you become your best self! The AR-FIT Challenge is set up so every participant will go through a series of pre-testing in order to establish their current baseline. Then it’s time to get to work! Our trainers have specifically designed 9 weeks of High Intensity Interval Training workouts that will target the types of thresholds we pre-tested you on. By doing a series of endurance, speed, power, strength, and agility workouts, you will see improvements week-by-week. The challenge is to get in a minimum of 25 workouts by the end of 9 weeks. Everyone’s motivations and goals will be different. So, whether you’re looking to get ready for ski season, or you have another goal in mind, we want everyone to feel stronger, more confident, and proud of themselves for finishing the challenge and making themselves better!

How is Athletic Republic different from other fitness studios?

To keep it simple, we utilize 27 years of science-based protocols that have been used to train some of the World’s most elite athletes. We’ve chosen to implement these types of workouts in with our adult AR-FIT classes because not only do we want to help you move better, get stronger, and stay healthier, but we also want to keep you injury-free. Our functional-fitness approach is about training for life! And not to mention, we have patented equipment that you won’t see at any other local gyms. Where else are you going to find a multi-hip or plyo-press than at Athletic Republic?!? If you’re ready to take the challenge, give us a call at 435-729-7230, stop by or sign up here! The 9-week challenge starts the week of September 18th.

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