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It’s been an epic year for snow and there’s still plenty of it around to be enjoyed, but before long thoughts will be turning to the summer and the good times to be had on the trails, in the mountains, and by the sea. Just like skiing, your summer runs, hikes, bike rides, and more will be more enjoyable when you’re fit and strong. We’re offering a new round of the AR-FIT Challenge beginning mid-April for everyone who wants to get the most out of summer. It’s six weeks of training that will help you develop functional strength, flexibility, and fitness that will get you ready to rock this summer! 

AR-FIT is Athletic Republic’s solution for active adults who want to get fit and strong in order to enjoy their outdoor activities more and in general just feel better and stay healthier. It’s training with a personal touch that can be tailored to fit any level of fitness.

The AR-FIT Challenge is the premier AR-FIT experience, offering participants unlimited workouts in an 6-week window starting April 15, 2019 and ending May 25. In addition, participants will get pre- and post-Challenge testing to help determine areas that need improvement and to measure progress, as well as a free running mechanics assessment that will provide video and coach feedback on your running form with tips on how to improve it. A nutritional assessment is included courtesy of ELEVATE Nutrition and Fitness Consulting, and running coach Jessica Crate will be leading Wednesday night fun runs for runners of any level from beginner to elite.

As a recent Challenge participant put it:

"My experience with Athletic Republic has been nothing short of transformational! I began working out at AR about a year and a half ago making it in 2-3 mornings a week but quickly wanted more. I found the days that begin with the 6:00 a.m. AR-FIT class are my best in the week so when the AR-FIT Challenge came up I quickly jumped on board. The workouts challenge not only my physical but mental fitness and make me more prepared to face the day, whether I'm in the office or making turns on the mountain. 

Every single trainer is focused on individual improvement and I believe takes as much pride in our results as we do! Thank you AR for helping to make me more fit than I've been in years! "

The AR-FIT Challenge offers the following:
  • 60 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, with no two workouts alike
  • Unlimited workouts during the 8-week period (April 15-May 25)
  • Workouts led by certified trainers
  • Maximum 8:1 client-to-trainer ratio
  • Free running mechanics analysis and coaching
  • Pre- & post-Challenge testing to measure your progress
  • Free nutritional assessment offered courtesy of Elevate Nutrition
  • Weekly group runs led by running coach Jessica Crate
  • Weekly raffles and final prizes from Jaybird, Harvest restaurant, and more
  • Cost: $210
Participants can register through the MINDBODY mobile app by adding Athletic Republic and then tapping on “Favorites.” Tap on the AR logo, then click on “View Pricing” and then select AR-FIT to see the Challenge sign up. You can also simply call us at 435-729-7230. If you’ve never visited Athletic Republic, be sure to stop in before the Challenge and register for a free trial workout, to give you a taste of the Challenge and how it can help you get ready for a summer full of running, hiking, biking, and fun!

Learn more about AR-FIT here: