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Building upon the foundation of the Acceleration Training Program, the Athletic Republic Endurance Sports Training Program is the newest addition to AR’s core program training offerings. The Endurance Training platform was designed to help the endurance athlete move better, stay healthier, become stronger and get faster. AR’s performance coaches first administer an extensive Athlete Assessment to determine an athlete's strengths and opportunities for improvement, taking into consideration weekly workout volume, competitive goals, and injury prevention. Speed, Strength ; Stability training is at the core of the program, focusing on gains in speed, power, balance, and stability. ;

The Park City staff has already garnered some incredible feedback from the Park City endurance contingency regarding their sentiments about the program during this period, providing the staff with an opportunity to perform a relatively significant overhaul of the Fall/Winter Endurance offerings in Park City. The AR staff in Park City couldn't be more excited to showcase the new face of Athletic Republic Endurance Training here in Park City, with USAT Certified Coach, Adam Daniels, at the helm of the entire program. ;

Adam Daniels is a USAT Certified coach, ultra runner and triathlete based in Park City, UT. ;Adam has competed professionally in a number of marathon and ultra marathon events, both domestically and internationally. As a coach, he has helped an array of athletes of all skill levels, with some of his clients ranking in the Top 10 U.S. Ultra Female Runners, winning amateur 70.3 Ironman US Championships, and facilitating some athletes’ transitions from amateur to pro. ;

His experience and expertise has helped shape the new face of the Athletic Republic Endurance Program, founded on a training infrastructure that caters to endurance athletes of all ages, skill levels, and ability. ; Mr. Daniels’ knowledge of endurance based training, coupled with AR's proven Strength, Speed, and Stability program and its recently released Recovery ; Mobility program, will serve to provide Park City athletes with a comprehensive training package to assist in their pursuit of attaining their fitness and racing goals, while also reducing risk of injury. ;

“This year, we will be offering the AR Winter Training Program to keep AR athletes fit and improve strength throughout the winter months. ; ;Each athlete will go through an assessment and consultation to identify their strengths, opportunities for improvement and off-season goals. ; ;We will then suggest the best program to fit their needs,” said Adam Daniels.

“There will be three main programs: Beginner and General Fitness, Advanced, and Elite. ; ;The varying intensities within each program will be dictated by athleticism and/or skill level, targeted energy systems, as well as the time of year. ; ;Athletes will be tested every nine weeks to measure performance, receiving valuable analytics using the Training Peaks Performance Management Chart to help them measure their progress.

We are also introducing the new AR Endurance+ program. ; ;This program is a 30min strength, stability and recovery session following a cycling class devised to optimize an athlete’s off season training by incorporating strength based training off of the bike."

The entire Athletic Republic staff has been hitting the streets all summer long to connect with the local Park City Endurance crowd. If you see us out and about, stop by our tent and say hi! To find out more about the new Endurance Training program offerings, visit or click here to schedule a session today!

(Below: The AR Crew Having a Blast at the Summit Challenge!)