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Blog post written by our very own Ryan Rockhill – Sports Performance Trainer

The theme of our latest campaign titled “We Know Athletes” expands across all sports and disciplines we train, including endurance sports. Once an outsider looking into the endurance running community, I’ve always asked the question, “How do these athletes do this?” It takes a special mind to overcome the adversity that long distance running brings. As a trainer, it’s hard for me to fathom how these athletes train at the volume they do and stay healthy. And as a husband, I’ve seen the physical injuries lead to mental injuries. A runner not being able to train and run is like a fat kid not getting his cake. So, I started to look at what’s leading to the injuries; a ton of volume, not enough recovery, nutrition deficiency, lack of a proper run specific strength program, etc. Using my wife Ashley, 5 months out from her 3rd child as my guinea pig, I was determined to develop a training program to keep the runner running. I see how happy and full of life it makes her so I saw it as my duty to make sure she is always able to do her thing. Happy wife, happy life… or something like that. ;

Utilizing our Multi-Hip machine to incorporate running specific hip and core strength/mobility, along with some controlled speed and sprint training on our Super Treadmill, I’ve helped Ashley feel stronger and get faster! And as a result of this strength training, she is able to recover quicker from her runs and has stayed injury free throughout her training. But before we could get into the specific training protocol to make her a stronger runner, I had to make sure she knew how to run (no, seriously). If you think about it, we give our kids dance lessons and swimming lessons, but many of us are not taught how to run. You just started doing it at a young age and assumed it was right. For every one of our running athletes who starts a program with us, we begin by conducting a running assessment to ensure the running economy and mechanics are solid. From there, we put together a customized program that will focus on opportunities for improvement while building on their strengths.

Whether you’ve just signed up for your first 5K or looking to set a new PR in your next marathon, we can deliver a program to make you stronger, faster, and stay injury free. Contact us to learn more about our Endurance training and to set up your FREE trial.