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The leaves are turning and the weather’s cooling—for people in Park City, that means that winter’s on the way, and so is the ski season. Now’s the time to start getting ready to get the absolute most out of the season by getting your body ready. When the snow starts to pile up, you’ll be amazed how much easier and more enjoyable skiing is with stronger legs, hips, and core. And with stronger, more stable joints, you can hopefully avoid season-curtailing injuries that are an ‘occupational’ hazard around here!

AR-FIT is Athletic Republic’s solution for active adults who want to get the most out of their outdoor activities, be it skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking, or any of the many other great opportunities available to Park City residents. The AR-FIT Challenge is the premier AR-FIT experience, offering participants unlimited workouts in an 8-week window starting October 15 and ending December 8. In addition, participants will get pre- and post-Challenge testing to help determine areas that need improvement and to measure progress. The average improvement in past Challenges has been 20%! A nutritional assessment is included courtesy of ELEVATE Nutrition and Fitness Consulting, and weekly raffles for prizes keep things interesting. In addition, we’ll have swag for any participants who meet the challenge of getting in 20 or more workouts!

This Challenge will be the first one in Athletic Republic’s new sports performance training center in Quarry Village in Pinebrook (at the Jeremy Ranch exit off I-80). In addition to more room to move, the new center will feature updated equipment and a new Recovery center. 

The AR-FIT Challenge in a nutshell:
  • High Intensity Interval Training (60-minute classes)
  • Personalized Small Group Classes (maximum 8:1 client-to-trainer ratio)
  • Pre- & Post-Challenge Testing
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Weekly Prizes
  • Finisher Swag
  • End-of-Challenge Party
  • Cost: $250

Here’s what a past Challenge participant has to say: 

My goal for participating in the Athletic Republic AR-FIT Challenge was to become faster at hiking and skinning up the mountain when I ski the backcountry. I’ve typically spent the ski offseason at the gym doing a typical weight and cardio routine. The issue I had with my normal gym program was that it wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be physically. The trainers at Athletic Republic pushed me and made me faster, stronger, and gave me more endurance. As a result, two weeks ago I skinned up to the top of Alta for the first time all season and I beat my best time up that hill by 10 minutes! I am pretty confident I wouldn’t have made it up so quickly without participating in the AR-FIT Challenge. 
~ Mike Null

Participants can register through the MINDBODY mobile app by adding Athletic Republic and then tapping on “Favorites.” Tap on the AR logo, then click on “View Pricing” and then select AR-FIT to see the Challenge sign up. Or simply send an email to, and someone will be in touch to sign you up.