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Athletes looking to claim a competitive advantage use the off-season to get a step ahead of their competition. Incorporating a focused six to eight-week training block during winter months is how many spring sport athletes improve their speed, power, agility and skills.Speed is a defining attribute of athleticism. No longer considered a genetic gift, speed is a skill that can be taught. While athletes may have had swimming, tennis or hitting lessons while growing up, chances are they never had a dedicated lesson on running mechanics. At Athletic Republic, an athlete’s first introduction to our training program is spent learning proper running / sprinting mechanics. By working on an athlete’s training stride length, stride frequency, power output, symmetry and stamina, we progress through an individualized training program designed to help them improve acceleration, top-end speed, change of direction, and endurance. These are speed skills that help players create separation, close a gap, and play as well during the fourth quarter as they do in the first.If you’re interested in improving your speed skills, or learning more about Athletic Republic Performance Sports Training, check us out online at, or give us a call at 435.729.7230 to set-up a free training trial and to learn how you may celebrate this Season of Speed.