This summer, Athletic Republic - Park City is committed to helping every athlete get faster. For the past 26 years, Athletic Republic trainers have recognized that speed is a skill that may taught, developed and improved. More than 1 million athletes have benefited from this expertise and now you can too.Now you can make this your summer of speed by signing up for an Athletic Republic training program to work on the five fundamentals of getting fast Power Output, Stride Length, Stride Frequency, Symmetry, and Stamina. At the same time, AR will help you improve your first step quickness, agility, change of direction, and strength so when the season starts, you’re ready to create separation from your opponent, close a gap, make a faster cut, and play as well in the closing minutes of the game as you did in the opening minutes.

Our friends at Skullcandy know that it takes hard work to get better, and they want to make sure you enjoy the journey of performance improvement. So when you purchase a Summer of Speed training program at Athletic Republic - Park City, you will receive a pair of Skullcandy sport performance earbuds*. Athletic Republic and Skullcandy are ready to help you make this your Summer of Speed Sound.

*Skullcandy earbuds are available with purchase, while supplies last.

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