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USA Today posted a great article about the U.S. women being multi-sport athletes before focusing on their soccer careers. (READ HERE)

Athletic Republic’s Sports Performance coaches agree with this concept. Some might argue that being a multi-sport youth athlete might be more than some kids can handle, but there is a chance your child is not even able to decide his/her favorite sport at an early age, plus there are several benefits to being a multi-sport athlete. For example, Abby Wambach’s statement about crediting her playing youth basketball to helping her current specific abilities she performs on the soccer field.

The benefits of multi-sport participation are physical, psychological and social. Developing these benefits at an early age will provide a great foundation for any athlete and these benefits will last a lifetime.

First, being the physical aspect. There is less chance of overuse injuries. Using the same specific muscles the same way each time, puts a lot of wear and tear on them throughout the season. Think about softball pitcher and the amount of pitches she would have to throw if she had to be a pitcher year round, versus only the regular season? ; Playing a variety of sports allows the athlete to work out different muscle groups and in different directions and different velocities. Another physical advantage is a young athlete who plays more than one sport works more muscles, which improves overall balance and symmetry. Just like lifting weights, lifting the same amount of weight, in the same motion each time, is not going provide much benefit or create any growth/improvements.

A second are of benefit of being a multi-sport youth athlete are the psychological aspects. Participating in multiple sports keeps each game interesting and can help prevent “sports burnout”. Also, playing multiple sports at a young age gives kids time to decide what they really love to do. Sports are fun and should be enjoyed throughout an athlete’s lifetime.

Lastly, a third benefit of playing multiple sports as a youth athlete would be the social aspect. Every sport has its own rules, skills, coaching styles, and team dynamic. As a multi-sport youth athlete, they have to learn how to play each game by the rules and understand/experience different coaching styles, as well as, how to interact with teammates and opponents. These are all import social aspects developed through playing different sports. ;Over all, there are several advantages to playing multiple sports as a youth athlete. ;

At Athletic Republic, we have a Test, Teach, Train philosophy. We TEST athletes to determine a performance baseline and identify areas where they can create separation from their peers. We TEACH athletes the same methods used by many of today’s top professional and Olympic athletes to improve ;sport and position specific movement skills. What does this mean? ; We TEACH athletes what they need to do to get better. How to move better - the foundation of improving athleticism. ; How to train smarter - learning to listen to their body, push limits safely and to incorporate sound nutrition to fuel performance and recovery. ; Essentially, we help athletes improve their Training IQ. Then we TRAIN using ;scientifically-proven programs ;featuring our patented technology, individualized training protocols and real-time video analysis to give every athlete the ultimate performance sports training experience. ;