If you are participating in a Spring sport, what should you be doing now to get ready to compete? There is only a short period before the season starts when coaches can work with the athletes to prepare them for the upcoming season. Coaches know there is more to sport than practicing sport-specific drills and skills. They also know it takes more than a few weeks to develop the necessary skills and baseline conditioning to perform well when the season begins. Starting a training program months in advance allows the athlete to develop the necessary level of conditioning and athleticism to fully benefit from a coach’s preseason skill development practices.

So what type of training would benefit the athletes the most?

· Baseline Level of Fitness Athletes should go into preseason practice ready for the fitness demands of the sport. Whether your sport has a high anaerobic demand or calls for more aerobic conditioning, developing a fitness baseline is key to setting yourself up for in-season success.
· Movement Skills Your program should be focused on developing the movement skills necessary to excel in your sport. You should be working on improving your overall strength, power, stability, reaction, first step, change-in-direction, and speed to ensure you’ll be ready to perform at your best.

Development in these areas will not only increase your performance level, but also aid in reducing the risk of injury by allowing the athlete to handle the physical demands of a long season. Click here to learn more about Athletic Republic’s sport-specific training programs or call 435-729-7230 to schedule your FREE training session.

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