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A Pre Workout Snack Just Might Save You From Bonking
Coach Whitney Liehr

A few weeks ago I decided it would be a great idea to get outside for one final bike ride before the winter season turned my scenic rendezvous into hammer fests on the stationary trainer. Everything was going smoothly until...
Our athletes know that it takes hard work to reach your goals. ;The intense treadmill seasions and the plyo drills that make your legs scream are all worth it when you can finally say, "I did it!" ;This month we would like to celebrate two athletes who are doing it. Congratulations Mackenzie...

The Athletic Republic performance training center in Park City has a new toy, and they’re inviting everyone to come and play. Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or triathlete, or simply someone looking for a fun way to get or stay in shape once the weather turns bad, the Wahoo KICKR...
;FTP Testing Week
December 15 - December 21

During this week, testing will have a priority. ; However, if you’ve recently tested, or choose not to test, and no one in the class you requested is testing, then a workout will be chosen.You may also come and ride during the test, even if you are not...
The Right Warm Up ; ;

Ever get to the gym and feel, well, not very warmed up or enthusiastic about your workout? If you said yes then listen up! These tips will help you mentally, physically, and physiologically prepare yourself for the next workout.

Every workout should start with at least a...
For runners, spring is race season; for the majority of those living in the northern hemisphere, that means that the heart of the training takes place in the middle of winter. While it may be tempting to run outdoors on a beautiful day after fresh snow has fallen, it’s not always a great idea to...
Coach Rockhill grew up right in Summit County. ;His roots have grown deep within our local sports programs. Growing up, Rockhill was an All-State Football and Basketball player and ran track. ;

Football carried Rockhill to Snow College and then into his career. ;He is an ;ISSA certified...

Athletic Republic Trainer Ryan Rockhill Makes Sure You Squat Right

The squat is arguably one of the most important exercises in regards to power and increasing our vertical jump. But, is also a potentially dangerous one when done incorrectly. There are many theories as to what is a correct squat...
Be a Student of Your Sport: ;Become A Smarter Athlete

Standing on top of the podium takes more than just dedication and determination on the field, court or track. To optimize performance in skill, strength and speed every athlete also needs to master the ins and outs of priming their mind and...