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While we each have many passions, one of the most demanding aspects is "performing to a level of personal satisfaction at the sports/activities we love the most." To really enjoy being on the slopes, the course, the court, the trail, or the water, you must be in shape. Athletic Republic created...

If you are participating in a Spring sport, what should you be doing now to get ready to compete? There is only a short period before the season starts when coaches can work with the athletes to prepare them for the upcoming season. Coaches know there is more to sport than practicing...

This summer, ;Athletic Republic - Park City is committed to helping every athlete get faster. For the past 26 years, Athletic Republic trainers have recognized that speed is a skill that may taught, developed and improved. More than 1 million athletes have benefited from this expertise and now...

We have recently been featured on the KSL news. Check out how our recovery program is rehabilitating athletes.


Athletic Republic is proudly a sponsor for the National Ability Center's 2015 Summit Challege. ;

The Summit Challenge is a fully supported road ride through the scenic mountains and valleys of Summit and Wasatch counties. Choose an 18, 52 or 102 mile course to fit your level of experience. Riders...

Suffering from shin splints? ;Here is a great artcile ;on how to solve that issue by Swan Workman, Athletic Republic's newest team member....

Balanced Training for Active Adults

Growing up as a runner, it easily became my “Go-To” activity. ;And so, for years I continued to run, maybe from time to time doing a little upper body work or what I considered to to be quality ‘core’ exercises, but otherwise largely neglected strength training...

Grace Ping ; ;
Sport: Distance Running ; ;
AR Training : Summer 2015 in Park City (June-August) ; ;

Grace and her sister, Lauren (10yrs) spent their summer in Park City. As they enjoyed their summer with the abundance of outdoor activities, they also dedicated time to their atheltic...

It has been fun having Sean train with us at AR. Looking forward to seeing his journey unfold.

Click here to learn about Sean's story and is current athletic endeavors....