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;It’s November, it’s cold and getting darker earlier, it’s the off-season and time for Turkey and pie. ; What a wonderful time of year for us endurance folks. ; Right?

The “off-season”, the time of year that cyclists, runners and triathletes seem to always look forward to. ; A time to relax,...
The Endurance Coach is an endurance sport training specialist, passionate about the sport of cycling, running and triathlon. ; This part-time coach will help members realize the benefits of participation and achieving their goals. ; The endurance coach will be charged with delivering...

Building upon the foundation of the Acceleration Training Program, the Athletic Republic Endurance Sports Training Program is the newest addition to AR’s core program training offerings. The Endurance Training platform was designed to help the endurance athlete move better, stay healthier,...

Blog post written by our very own Ryan Rockhill – Sports Performance Trainer

The theme of our latest campaign titled “We Know Athletes” expands across all sports and disciplines we train, including endurance sports. Once an outsider looking into the endurance running community, I’ve always asked...