So you’re an athlete with dreams of buzzer beaters, clutchness, and athletic dominance.You’ve scoped several centers to help take your training to another level and ultimately you’vemade the wise decision to rely upon Athletic Republic for your sports performance needs, butwhere do you go from here?

Many athletes have an Idea of what they want to be, but they’re unsure what trainingmethod/s to use to get there. The first step is to figure out what you the athlete needs. Power? Speed? Strength? Agility?... You probably nodded your head to all of these skills. Allow me to introduce you to ACCELERATION Athletic Republic’s scientifically proven program to give you the power, first step quickness and incendiary speed to make you thebest athlete on your team.

At it’s base ACCELERATION improves neuromuscular development. Simply put we reducethe time it takes your brain to activate a muscle, and the intensity at which that muscle is fired. In layman’s terms MORE POWER! Through Athletic Republic’s patented progressiveprotocols we improve the athlete’s fundamental movement skills, agility and power.ACCELERATION also improves more than just lateral quickness, we’ve been studying howathletes run for more than 25 years and we know that speed is a skill. At Athletic Republic,we improve your running mechanics. We improve your stride length and frequency, kneedrive, hip positioning and your arm swing. Acceleration Training will make you fluid andefficient, and far more powerful and better conditioned than your opponents.

So why ACCELERATION? ACCELERATION is THEE best way to improve every facet of yourathletic game necessary to take your actual game to the next level. Stop by for your first session today. Power, speed, agility and strength can all be yours at Athletic Republic.

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