We are now through the first month of 2015 and we’re one more month closer to warmer weather and the racing season. The progression of the winter training indoor cycling series is moving along and the workouts are getting a little “harder", with the focus on raising FTP and improving muscular endurance and cycling efficiency. If you’ve been procrastinating this year, NOW is the time to get focused and head on into Athletic Republic to get ready for the ’15 season.

The importance of late base trainingThe greater your muscular endurance, the less fatigue you experience at the end of a long race. Additionally, you will be able to handle more intensity while training. The earlier workouts was good conditioning with a mix of lower to moderate intensity, however, the transition to late base training will challenge you to increase power output and help you target specific aerobic adaptations which will result in greater aerobic leg strength and muscular endurance.Incorporating more days with a focus on zone 3 and 4 efforts are key to building muscular endurance and power. While maintaining a steady wattage output is great for helping you maximize your potential for each effort, it is important to note that a mix of training intensity is needed throughout any training period. But, for the next few weeks, it is important to sustain your efforts in the tempo and threshold zones of Z3 and Z4.

Hope to see you all these next couple of weeks so you’ll further enjoy your warm weather riding!!!

-Coach Adam

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