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;FTP Testing Week
December 15 - December 21

During this week, testing will have a priority. ; However, if you’ve recently tested, or choose not to test, and no one in the class you requested is testing, then a workout will be chosen.You may also come and ride during the test, even if you are not testing. ;

Remember - No Charge for riders testing ;

Functional Threshold Power refers to the maximal power output that an athlete can sustain over a 60 min period. The purpose of a Functional Threshold Power Test is to establish a wattage that corresponds closely to your lactate threshold when cycling. You can then use your FTP to determine specific power training zones that can be used to optimize your training sessions during Athletic Republic indoor cycling workouts. ;Your Functional Threshold Power wattage will change according to your fitness levels. Testing during both off-season and race season, will allow you to track changes in your Functional Threshold Power and adjust your training programs accordingly. ;Following your FTP test and power file analysis, we will provide you with your new training zones and email you a test analysis.