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The Athletic Republic performance training center in Park City has a new toy, and they’re inviting everyone to come and play. Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or triathlete, or simply someone looking for a fun way to get or stay in shape once the weather turns bad, the Wahoo KICKR power training system delivers workouts that are not only highly effective, but engaging and sociable. ;

The Athletic Republic KICKR group workouts start with the KICKR power trainer. It attaches your own bike, minus its back wheel. As you pedal, it records your level of power output, heart rate, cadence, mileage, and plenty more, then projects the data on a TV screen in front of the class. According to trainer Adam Daniels, who designs and supervises the workouts, “This system delivers a much better ‘road feel’ than CompuTrainer, so you really get a smooth ride that feels much more like the real thing. And because it attaches directly to your bike, we can control the resistance on your bike to deliver highly targeted workouts.” The ‘wheels off’ design also means that the systems are quieter and don’t put any wear on your tires.

As you pedal with your fellow cyclists, your effort is measured and analyzed by the system; for that reason, an initial evaluation is critical to establish key metrics. Athletic Republic offers this service free of charge, to encourage new customers to give the system a try. Once your baseline is established, you can measure your effort during a workout. If that doesn’t get you going, then perhaps ‘competing’ against seven other cyclists will. “We get people who are more focused on their own numbers,” says Daniels, “but there are definitely groups that enjoy getting competitive with each other!” ;

Daniels points out that the KICKR workout is extremely time-efficient as compared to an actual outdoor ride, because there is no gliding, only constant output. Weekday workouts are designed and run by Daniels with set objectives, and the KICKR unit manages the bikes’ resistance. On the weekends, more relaxed ‘endurance rides’ are the norm, and riders can set their own level of work via gearing. ;

AR offers punch passes for KIKR workouts ranging from single sessions to a package of 30; unlimited monthly memberships are also available. Athletes may also add on the Endurance+ option, a gym-based 30-minute strength, speed, stability and recovery session that is tacked on to the 90-minute cycling workout. ;

For a small fee, participants can take advantage of the ‘concierge’ service, which offers storage of bikes as well as advance set-up, so when you arrive your bike is on the stand and ready to go. In addition, Athletic Republic staff ensures that it is kept clean and the chain well lubricated. Towels are provided, along with music, TV, and the company of like-minded individuals, who are there to enjoy each others company but above all to get a good workout. ;

To learn more about the KICKR system and to register for a free evaluation, contact the Athletic Republic’s Park City performance center (located in Kimball Junction next to the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse) at 435-647-9000. Athletic Republic also offers a full range of training programs geared to the adult endurance athlete as well as the scholastic team athlete, all geared towards improving strength, speed, and power. Contact Athletic Republic for more information. ;