Athletic Republic has reacha milestone. We have trained over one million athletes, and our trainer Phil Parrish thinks you need to join our ranks too.

Our time is mroe divided than ever before. With technology, social media, and busy schedules, kids and adults are not getting the amount, or the quality, of exercise they need. Our health and fitness levels are taking a hard hit because of it. Athletic Republic offers a fun, safe, and effective way to for you to prioritize you.

The biggest performance question asked about kids is do they need training? The answer is YES. Kids, even adults need to be exposed to as many movements as possible and master bodyweight movements. This includes running, jumping, throwing and changing direction. What Athletic Republic does is build an athletic foundation that will last a lifetime.

An athletic foundation serves as a platform for any child to participate in any sports, become more injury resistant, allow them to train harder, train more frequently and continually push themselves to the next level. Young athletes are laying the foundation for success in their athletic endeavors and a physically active lifestyle well into their adult years.

Athletic Republic's proprietary equipment includes the super treadmill, plyo press, plyo floor, pro multi-hip, throwing cords and several other conditioning cords. This equipment combined with highly trained and skilled staff help build the perfect athletic foundation for any athlete. The Athletic Republic training center also acts as a classroom where kids and adults can learn about recovery, nutrition, work ethic, goal setting, discipline, respect, and how to have fun!

Join our million athlete march today.

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