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;FTP Testing Week
December 15 - December 21

During this week, testing will have a priority. ; However, if you’ve recently tested, or choose not to test, and no one in the class you requested is testing, then a workout will be chosen.You may also come and ride during the test, even if you are not...

The Athletic Republic performance training center in Park City has a new toy, and they’re inviting everyone to come and play. Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or triathlete, or simply someone looking for a fun way to get or stay in shape once the weather turns bad, the Wahoo KICKR...
A Pre Workout Snack Just Might Save You From Bonking
Coach Whitney Liehr

A few weeks ago I decided it would be a great idea to get outside for one final bike ride before the winter season turned my scenic rendezvous into hammer fests on the stationary trainer. Everything was going smoothly until...
;What zone do you need to train in? Our classes our on a 3-week rotating schedule to ensure you work all energy systems. ;Stay up to date by checking back regularly. ...

Suffering from shin splints? ;Here is a great artcile ;on how to solve that issue by Swan Workman, Athletic Republic's newest team member....

Balanced Training for Active Adults

Growing up as a runner, it easily became my “Go-To” activity. ;And so, for years I continued to run, maybe from time to time doing a little upper body work or what I considered to to be quality ‘core’ exercises, but otherwise largely neglected strength training...