Have you ever wondered how elite athletes can work out 5 days a week or even multiple times a day? It’s because they recover faster. Recovery is how the body re-builds and refuels. Recovery time can be reduced with several different methods.

Post workout every athlete should be taking the appropriate steps to recover. Some of the basics we don’t often think about include stretching, foam rolling, eating healthy and sleeping well each night. Some other recovery strategies of elite athletes can include using compression clothing, routine massages and utilizing ice baths.

Active recovery goes beyond what we do day-to-day. Active recovery includes things such as planned low intensity workouts and mobility training.

Below are some of the pros and cons of some recovery strategies

Compression Clothing Compression garments work to increase circulation. This is beneficial pre, during and post workout.
Pros Helps the body warm up quicker, increases blood flow to the muscle delivering nutrients and reducing heart rate during activity, and helps clear lactic acid and cellular waste post exercise.
Cons It can take awhile to get use to the tightness of the garments. Head to toe attire can get fairly expensive, but you can still gain benefits from smaller items such as compression sleeves or socks.

Routine Massage Who doesn’t love a massage? They are a great way to help the body recover and feel better!
Pros Increases blood flow to muscle, relieves muscular tension, promotes recovery and can help increase range of motion.
Cons Massages can be very expensive and require a signifcant time commitment.

Ice Bath Brrrrrrr! Nothing like submerging your body in a tub full of icy cold water!
Pros The freezing water causes blood to rush back to the core of the body and when you exit the bath, blood rushes back to the extremities. This helps flush out metabolic waste and reduce inflammation.
Cons Jumping into cold water isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There is also a lot of controversial research on ice baths for recovery. Athletes swear by it, but there is some evidence that doesn't support the benefits.

To find out more about proper recovery and how to fit it into your lifestyle check out our 2XU compression gear, Trigger Point recovery products and talk to one of our great Trainers today!

-Phil Parrish

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