Athletic Republic Trainer Ryan Rockhill Makes Sure You Squat Right

The squat is arguably one of the most important exercises in regards to power and increasing our vertical jump. But, is also a potentially dangerous one when done incorrectly. There are many theories as to what is a correct squat form. I have always believed that the biggest factor in a correct squat stance and width is the athletes comfort. Ever wondered why some people’s feet point out no matter how much “mobility” work they do, why some people have a really hard time squatting deep and why some people are amazing at pistol squats while others can’t do them at all.

Basic anatomy shows the hip joint is made up of a “socket” on the pelvis called the acetabulum and a “ball” at the top of your femur, which we call the femoral head. Around the hip joint are a lot of muscles, a joint capsule and connective tissue.

There are many other anatomical considerations when considering a squat. When someone has difficulty squatting, or their feet turn out, or they like a wide stance, we all want to jump on the bandwagon and say “your hips are tight, you need to mobilize them." If we say that without considering anatomical variations of the hip joint, we can be misled. So, think about that next time you decide to squat or are a trainer teaching the squat.

Here are some photos of some anatomical differences in femurs and hip sockets, along with ball joints.

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