The Right Warm Up

Ever get to the gym and feel, well, not very warmed up or enthusiastic about your workout? If you said yes then listen up! These tips will help you mentally, physically, and physiologically prepare yourself for the next workout.

Every workout should start with at least a 5-minute aerobic warm consisting of easy, continous full body movements. Examples include spinning, rowing, running and jump roping. These activities will physiologically prepare your heart and lungs for your workout.

Immediately following your aerobic warm up preform a dynamic warm up consisting of dynamic stretches and movements. Examples of dynamic stretches include rotating trunk rotations, walking high kicks, hip flexing lunges and quad pulls. Some examples of dynamic movements are high skips, lateral shuffle, carioca or short sprints. These dynamic modalities focus on physically and physiologically preparing the muscles for a workout.

A well designed warm up will effectively increase muscle temperature, increase core temperature, increase blood flow to working tissue, improve muscle strength and power, improve oxygen delivery and enhance metabolic reactions. Make warming up a habit when you get to the gym. Pick exercises you enjoy and focus movements on muscle groups that will be involved in your workout.

Sample Warm Up
Run/Bike/Elliptical 5-10 Minutes

Dynamic Stretching
Laying Trunk Rotation 10 rotations each side
Walking Straight Leg Kicks 10 Kicks on each leg
Quad Pulls 10 each side
Lateral Lunges 10 each side
Hip Flexing Lunge 8 each side

Dynamic Movement
High Skips 40 yards
Lateral Shuffle/Carioca 40 yards each direction
Body Weight Squats 8-12 reps
Jog to Sprint 1-2 times 40 yards
Sprint 1-2 times 40 yards

If you have any questions or want different exercise for a warm up, reach out to me at or stop by your Athletic Republic Center today.

Phil Parrish graduated with his BS in Applied Exercise Science and is NSCA CSCS Certified. He has worked with several athletes in the Park City Area including a 6-month Strength and Conditioning internship with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association and training athletest of all levels at Athletic Republic Park City.

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