Athletic Republic delivers on-field success through scientifically-based performance training protocols that help athletes learn to move better, get faster, stronger and more powerful, while tailoring their conditioning in the best possible manner for their sport. The training tools and programs are designed to take the athlete just beyond his/her ground based training limitations so the brain learns to send stronger, more precise signals to the muscles.


This is the essence of what many experts call "neuromuscular training" and we have pioneered its development through 25 years of research and commitment to sport science principles. We hold six patents and 4,000+ pages of proprietary speed and skill-specific training protocols that meet the demands of every sport and athlete.  Athletic Republic training programs create faster, stronger, more explosive athletes who are able to play at game speed for longer and with fewer injuries.  Our performance improvements are documented and proven. 

Are we satisfied? NEVER. We’re always working on better ways to develop new training technology that enhances our protocols. Our combination of experience and on-going research guarantees enhanced athletic performance—at any age and ability. As the industry leader and largest operator in performance sports training, it’s a commitment we make to each of our athletes.


At Athletic Republic, we improve your running mechanics. We improve your stride length and frequency, knee drive, hip positioning and your arm swing. Acceleration Training will make you fluid and efficient, far more powerful and better conditioned than your opponents. Athletic Republic Acceleration Training programs are designed to be completed in 4, 6, or 8 week training blocks.  Research has proven that athletes achieve the greatest results by training with Athletic Republic three times per week for 8 weeks and completing 24 sessions.

Indoor Cycling

Athletic Republic Park City offers cycling classes year round. Using the latest equipment made by Wahoo Ftiness, the KICKR , provides the reigning standard for indoor training. 
SMART RESIST- Set your resistance or power threshold through your chosen smartphone app for the most efficient workout possible. 
REALISTIC ROAD FEEL- KICKR’s professional-grade high inertia flywheel is engineered to provide a ultra realistic road feel.
ACCURATE POWER - Set your desired power level and the KICKR will automatically adjust the resistance to ensure your ride stays consistent and calibrated.
AR-FIT is a training program for the active adult athlete, committed to staying healthy and being better prepared to participate in their sport of choice. Structured as an hour-long work-out, AR-FIT combines a wide range of movement velocities with a variety of loads to safely expose muscles to a training program that will raise an athlete's fitness threshold. 


Customize your training schedule with individualized, small-group speed, agility, strength, and balance.  Each training package includes a performance or threshold assessment to construct a program that will focus on your opportunities for improvement while building on your strengths.


At Athletic Republic, our Teach. Test. Train. approach is founded on offering individualized team training programs specifically tailored around the time of year (off-season, pre-season and in-season). Our staff will develop a training plan combining your coaching staff's assessment of your team's immediate needs, coupled with our proven, sport-specific protocols so that your team's athletes can focus on the specific elements of their game to improve their playmaking skills. If you are interested in learning more about the Team Training program, contact us at 435.647.7230. 
Athletic Republic has partnered with Gatorade, 2XU and TriggerPoint to help athletes move better, recover quicker and improve performance to make this season their best season. Athletic Republic Recovery Training is founded on five central elements in order to maximize the effectiveness of post-workout recovery: Hydration | Nutrition | Mobility | Compression | Rest. Whether you join one of our new Mobility classes, consult with performance coaching staff on the benefits of proper hydration with Gatorade products, or utilize 2XU compression gear to effectively recover post-workout, we're going to ensure that you get the most out of every workout.