Our primary objective is to improve sports performance and ensure that athletes stay in the game. But when does injury occur, we’re also here to get you back on the field of play stronger than ever.

ACL Bridge Program

A serious knee injury can be devastating for athletes of any age. Missing a season is tough, but even worse is returning to play unprepared. Often an athlete may complete the recommended post-surgery physical therapy program but is not yet ready for a return to full-speed play. The Athletic Republic ACL Bridge program ‘bridges’ that gap, developing the functional independence required to return to sport. The individualized ACL Bridge program includes regular evaluations to measure progress as athletes work to improve strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, and power so they can return to competition “better than new.”
FORWARD AND BACKWARD RUNNING: Forward incline running helps with conditioning, improves speed and flexibility while (re)teaching proper running mechanics. Backward incline running advances motor control and improves functional strength without placing undue stress on the ACL graft.
PLYOMETRICS: Our progression of plyometric protocols challenges the athlete’s coordination and foot speed while improving neuromuscular efficiency and spatial awareness.
AGILITY AND MULTIDIRECTIONAL MOVEMENTS: These drills are designed to improve body awareness, reinforce proper mechanics, and enhance the neuromuscular pathways for sport-specific movements.
STRENGTH TRAINING: Personalized strength program that targets the muscle groups supporting the hip girdle, the hamstrings, and abdominal area.

The Sports Neurology Clinic

We’re pleased to be partnering with the Sports Neurology Clinic – Utah (TSNC). Working out of our Park City center, it is led by Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, MD and Cara Baxter, DPT with a mission to elevate brain health for our active Park City community. TSNC helps with the safe return to sports and recreation for those who have suffered from neurological injuries and disorders, including concussion, post-concussion syndrome, migraine, sleep disorders, peripheral nerve injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy.

The TSNC staff has a deep understanding of the neurological benefits of exercise and active lifestyles, and will take a holistic approach through a combination of physician expertise and physical therapy to get you back to what you love as quickly as possible.

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