Athletic Republic - PARK CITY offers individualized programs that are adjusted by the time of year (in-season, off-season and pre-season), as well as the athlete's physical development and weekly schedule. From annual memberships to intensive 4 week / 12 workout programs to improve mechanics and build stamina before the season, our training programs are constructed to help every athlete achieve their performance goals.

Our programs include: 

Acceleration Training: 75-minute training sessions for the youth, teen, college, and pro athlete looking to gain a step on their competition by improving their speed, power, agility, and stamina.

Youth Acceleration: 60-minute training sessions for younger athletes (approx. ages 9-11) who are not quite ready for the full Acceleration program.

AR-FIT: Designed for the active adult, AR-FIT is a full-body, movement-based circuit training program. The individualized small group classes will help you get stronger, move better, and stay healthier. Each hour-long workout consists of a dynamic warm-up, 45-minutes of interval training, and a recovery session. Intro to AR-FIT on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon is a lower-intensity introduction to AR-FIT training, good for anyone who is new to working out, has taken time off, or is recovering from injury.


Summer's a great time to make substantial improvements in your baseline athleticism. It's when you can work on getting faster, stronger, and more agile, which translates to greater success in competition. To help make this happen we are offering several specials on Acceleration Training for the summer: 
- $100 off an unlimited month of training, now $199
- $100 off an Acceleration 12 package (12 sessions), now $275.

We're also offering a new class, Stability Training: 45 minutes of ground-based training that's perfect for those just getting into athletic training, or for Acceleration athletes who would like an active recovery session to balance their strength training. 

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