Athletic Republic's individualized programs help athletes learn to move better and to get faster, stronger, and more powerful. Conditioning can be tailored to the demands of particular sports, the time of year, and the athlete's physical development and goals.

Acceleration Training

Acceleration Training is designed to help youth, teen, college, and select adult competitive athletes gain a step on the competition. Our individualized, small-group training helps develop speed, power, agility, and stability utilizing science-based protocols, specialized equipment, and highly qualified trainers.

For athletes ages 9-12, we offer Youth Acceleration Training, a shorter, age-appropriate class that focuses on developing essential movement skills, coordination, and foundational strength.


Full-body circuit training with elements of HIIT for adults looking to move better, get stronger, and stay healthy. All are welcome, regardless of fitness levels or ability; the small-group, trainer-led format allows us to customize workout to accommodate anyone within each class.

Return 2 Play

Serious injuries can be devastating for athletes of any age. Our ACL Bridge program helps anyone who has completed post-operative physical therapy to develop the strength, stability, and agility needed for a successful return to competition or full activity. In addition, we have onsite an independent clinic devoted to caring for concussion patients.

Running Mechanics Coaching

Improving running mechanics is an integral part of our Acceleration Training program, but we also offer this as a standalone service for non-Acceleration athletes who wish to improve their running speed, efficiency, and form. This one-on-one training includes video feedback from the Dartfish system and coaching from our expert trainers.

Private Training

Our standard small-group format delivers a very personalized experience. However, if you prefer one-on-one training, wish to tap the expertise of a specific trainer, or the timing of classes doesn't work for you, then private training may be the answer. We can develop and deliver a made-to-order program that will help you meet your goals quickly. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other Services

We offer a number of other specialized services, including customized private training, compression therapy with NORMATEC, camps, clinics, facility rental, and more.

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